OFP will provide an onsite producer capable of story development, directing, and, camera operating. In this plan our representative will go on location with all equipment necessary to do the shoots required. The story development will take place on site, without any haste or pressure. Daily work schedules are mixed in with plenty of time for enjoying the area. This is a popular approach if your family/friends are willing to help with costumes, props, sets, etc. It is the most affordable and suggested plan for a first time project. Editing is done in steps at OFP’s studio in California. Our price for this plan is totally dependent on factors such as location, and length of the story treatment. Call for a free estimate.

All ideas have been discussed and a story treatment has been developed. An agreed upon storyboard has been written, detailing all shots needed. At this point a crew of two or three OFP professionals with all the equipment are sent to the location/s for the shoots. Working with you and your family/friends OFP’s crew handles all camera work, sound, costuming, make-up, set building and prop development. A shooting schedule is planned and call times are expected to be met by all actors. Editing is also done in pre-approved steps at OFP’s studio in California. This plan is more expensive because of the larger OFP crew. It is a more serious production schedule and will result in a quicker shoot. Call for a free estimate.

In this plan an OFP Production Pack is sent to you. You use your own equipment and do as much of the directing and shooting as you wish on your own. We will send an assistant who can also be a cameraman, on a daily charge of $350.00 plus expenses for as many days as you feel necessary. After all footage is accrued editing can be done in our studio at an agreed upon cost depending on the length.

Movie Making Tools
We have a published a “Dummies Guide to Movie Making”  that can be used in the field on location or in preparation of your movie making venture. It is an informative and instructive tool written to guide and assist you in producing your film.

This Guide explains the entire production process from beginning to end. It is designed as a production manual and will save you time and money.

The Guide also has a section dedicated to all of the common terms used by filmmakers, directors, etc. This “Industry Jargon” section will familiarize you with the language of the business.

Whether you use any of our other services or not, this manual is intended to be totally inclusive and will prove indispensable for any filmmaking project. If you are only considering the idea of making a film at this point, or you are in the planning stage, I urge you to purchase this manual. It may be the best investment you will make. Read more and buy the book.