On Focus Productions

We have recently completed documentary style productions on all of these projects and present them here as idea development or possible locations for interesting shoots.

In keeping with our purpose, these areas are easily accessible without great expense. A shoot here combines a dream vacation with an opportunity for a unique personal film.


Diving In Belize

 The small, charming country of Belize offers scuba diving and snorkeling at its finest. Gliding through the crystal waters of the Atlantic, exploring the second largest Barrier Reef in the world, diving amongst the coral and the abundant sea life makes this adventure a world class experience. Topping it off is a stop at the famous ‘Blue Hole’, once a feature for a Jacques Cousteau Special. 

Horse Trekking To Irazu Volcano

 Following a mountain trail through a cloud forest and up one of the highest and most rugged peaks in all of Central America, passing high above the tree line, trekking across barren, moon-like landscapes and black volcanic soil, a group of horseback riders reach their destination, a steaming, green-water filled crater and the top of an active volcano, IRAZU. 

Mayan Ruins Of Central America

 Visiting important archaeological sites in Guatemala, Belize and Honduras, The “RUTA MAYA” (Mayan Route) was traced, Sites such as Lamanai, Altun Ha, Xunantunich, Caracol and Copan were explored. Most notably was the visit to Tikal, the center of Mayan civilization during its peak of dominance in a culture that rivaled today’s. 

Rain Goddess

An outdoorsman’s dream: An amazing fishing excursion through the virgin jungle rivers of Costa Rica, through man made canals and small lakes up to the San Juan River and into Nicaragua. Living on a luxurious houseboat, the “Rain Goddess”, while fishing in some of the richest fishing grounds in the world makes this trip a once in a lifetime experience. 

Movie Making Tools

We have a published a “Dummies Guide to Movie Making” that can be used in the field on location or in preparation of your movie making venture. It is an informative and instructive tool written to guide and assist you in producing your film.