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We have a published a “Dummies Guide to Movie Making” that can be used in the field on location or in preparation of your movie making venture. It is an informative and instructive tool written to guide and assist you in producing your film.

This Guide explains the entire production process from beginning to end. It is designed as a production manual and will save you time and money.

The Guide also has a section dedicated to all of the common terms used by filmmakers, directors, etc. This “Industry Jargon” section will familiarize you with the language of the business.

Whether you use any of our other services or not, this manual is intended to be totally inclusive and will prove indispensable for any filmmaking project. If you are only considering the idea of making a film at this point, or you are in the planning stage, I urge you to purchase this manual. It may be the best investment you will make.

Thank You,
Tom Martens

Dummies Guide to Moviemaking


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A great useful tool for beginners or advanced filmmakers