About Us

On Focus Productions began in 1978, just as the advent of the video format was successfully entering our world. Film, Beta, and VHS were competing. Technology began snowballing and moviemaking was no longer a task for a specific few. It became available to any creative person with the desire and ambition to make a movie.

For the first fifteen years OFP operated in almost every field that film and video provided; television, industrial promotions, recording of personal events, theater, music, feature films. These were all experiences that helped our company to grow.

Finding a niche, documentaries and short independent films became our specialty. Our staff expanded and contracted throughout those years as different work availed itself. We have experts in camera operation, sound and light engineering, directing, public relations and the rest.

Working for several years in Central America taught us conservatism and resourcefulness, qualities that do not prevail much in this field. As everyone knows, major film production costs average in the millions of dollars.

OFP is knowledge and experience. It is the availability of quality experts, and the desire to help an average person.

Movie Making Tools
We have a published a “Dummies Guide to Movie Making” that can be used in the field on location or in preparation of your movie making venture. It is an informative and instructive tool written to guide and assist you in producing your film.

Below is a typical crew, here we were shooting a trailer for a John Goodman film.