let's make our movie


This is a very short segment from a fun film made with a family and friends on the beaches and jungle in Costa Rica


Let’s Make Our Movie has come into being for those people who have had an idea for a film but never realized they could fulfill that dream. We are here to unite a family or group of friends into a complete production team including actors, writers, and technical crew. We are here for those who want to have a unique experience, mixing a vacation with a creative, memorable mission. We are here for those who do not wish to spend the family’s fortune.

Our company is prepared to produce, guide or assist in the production of any film or video projects. We have professional experience and all the equipment necessary for writing, scripting, shooting and editing. We take an idea, transform it into a feasible storyboard and bring it to a completed, professionally produced film.

Our Movie Making Guide is a totally inclusive production manual designed to help the beginner or the experienced in producing a low budget movie.

Answers to the most common production questions.


And several years later we all went back to Costa Rica and made this second film. Notice the age difference in the beautiful daughter, and star of the film, Princess Dyanne